If you can snap a photo, you can finance your next car.

Poof! Car loan.

By simply snapping a photo of your driver’s license, you can pre-qualify for a loan directly through the app, without affecting your credit score. It’s a little like magic. Plus, when it’s time to close, Blinker helps with all the paperwork too.

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Close the deal with confidence

When you complete a transaction within the app, Blinker helps you complete the paperwork, transfers the title to your name and ensures secure payment through the app – all for free. Plus, our customer support team is available by phone or through email to help make the transaction smoother than ever. 

We take your security very seriously

Blinker encrypts your personal information and the ownership record of every seller is verified by real people on our Blinker Support team – so you can complete your purchase entirely through the app, without any worry.

As easy as do-it-yourself has ever been

Free CARFAX Report™

Every Blinker listing features a free CARFAX Report. That means you can view the maintenance record and history of any car with one tap.

Two-year service contract

With Blinker, you can add a two-year service contract to the car you purchase that covers powertrain and electrical components.

DMV guidance

When you buy or sell a car through the app, Blinker helps you file title paperwork and register with the DMV.