You can now finance a car instantly

With rates starting at 2.9% APR*, you can get pre-qualified for Blinker financing in minutes without affecting your credit score.

Get pre-qualified

As easy as snapping a photo

Our patented mobile app makes the approval process as simple as snapping a photo of your driver’s license. We securely pull information from your image, ask a few questions and display your loan terms in just a few minutes. If you’d rather get pre-qualified on your computer, it’s just as easy, too.

Know your monthly payment for every car on the road

Once you’re pre-qualified with Blinker, you’ll know your real financing budget without locking yourself into a loan. If you’re ready to shop, browse our marketplace to see what your monthly payment would be on verified vehicles near you.

We’re putting people in control of vehicle financing

Blinker allows you to get a car loan all on your own, so you can see your lowest possible rate rather than hear it from someone on the otherside of a desk. If you have any questions, you can reach our customer support team directly by phone or email.

Justin M.

Saved $3,500

“My experience buying this car on Blinker was pretty hassel-free. I was a little surprised that I could get a car loan through an was pretty quick and easy.”

Autumn P.

Saved $2,500

“My experience buying with Blinker was incredible. What took me two weeks at a credit union took me two days on Blinker.”

Jeremiah D.

Saved $3,000

“Blinker has created the ability for the buyer and seller to directly work with each other and avoid the hassle.”

See your rate without affecting your credit

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