Engineering Core Values

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Our Engineering Team Core Values

We have a shared vision of what we value, and how we work. Our core values inform our hiring process, our career development processes, our day-to-day interactions, and ultimately how we build amazing things together.



We empower developers to make meaningful decisions, everyday.

We drive forward, with direction and ambition.
Great things rarely occur by accident. We have lofty ambitions for ourselves, the team, and the company. We achieve those goals through healthy pragmatism and deliberate thinking, day-in and day-out.
We build things to last
We build robust software, with solid foundations. Our code is supported by automated tests to avoid regressions and ensure the requirements are consistently met. We own the quality of our code, and proactively maintain our software.
We see software development as a series of trade-offs
There are various benefits, and drawbacks to each approach. We reject dogmatic perspectives about software development. Instead, we favor thoughtful analysis and evaluating all of the options.
Deliberate applies to more than just tech
We consider the business context and plans as we build. We seek guidance when there are significant business implications to technical decisions. We include non-technical factors like people, processes, and our users, in our day-to-day decisions.



Continuous engagement produces the best results for the company, the product, and ultimately, ourselves.

Successful companies are built on collaboration
We build better software when we actively engage with teams across our business. We focus our expertise in software, and utilize the numerous areas of expertise across the company to build great products. Trust and autonomy are reciprocal, and we cultivate positive feedback loops with our connections across the business.
Active engagement is investing in our own success
We are active collaborators in meetings, planning sessions, and discussions. We proactively offer suggestions to problems, and are thoughtful in our retrospection of completed projects. We recognize that engagement with others, the company, the technology, and our work, fuels our career development and growth.
The workplace is better when we are all engaged
We spend too much of our lives at work to feel isolated, bored, or detached. Engaged individuals lead to a more positive, and less stressful working environment. A team of enthusiastic, positive individuals will not only make a better product: they will have a better time doing it.



Flexible engineers empower the team and the business

We are continuous learners
We enjoy learning new frameworks, tools, patterns, or programming languages. Being flexible leads to more interesting work, new challenges, career development and opportunities for personal growth.
We build with agility
We don’t believe in heavy-handed processes, or rigid structures. Engineers at Blinker are empowered to make decisions and take risks. We believe in hiring great people, and getting out of their way. We believe in the principles of agility, more than we believe in formal “agile” processes.
We are software engineers
We don’t restrict ourselves to front-end, back-end, devops, or any other specialty of software development. We are software engineers; core engineering principles and practices apply to all disciplines. We enjoy developing and exercising deep expertise, as well as opportunities to widen our knowledge and skill sets.



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