• Blinker is a mobile app that changes the way you discover, sell and purchase cars. It’s simple. Snap a photo to instantly learn about any car. Post your car for sale in seconds. Find one you love and quickly purchase.

    Think of Blinker as a tool that helps private party sellers and buyers message, meet, and transact securely. Blinker helps sellers by educating them on the car they own, and distributing their car for sale across social and partner networks. Blinker helps buyers by allowing them to find the car they want and securely purchase on their terms.

  • Blinker is available for download in all 50 states. Users can snap a photo of any car on the road to instantly learn the value and details.

    You can buy and sell cars with Blinker in:
    CO, TX, CA and FL

    If you don't see your state above, stay tuned. Our team is working hard to expand our app across the entire US very soon.