• Step-by-step guides for transacting

    Seller's Guide
  • Yes, Blinker will handle the payoff of the current loan and retrieve the Title from the lienholder. Blinker will then send the Title to the buyer, or hold the Title if the buyer is financing the purchase.

  • Blinker securely transfers funds electronically from the buyer to the seller. We need the bank account to complete the secure transfer of funds between buyer and seller.

  • Yes, you can purchase any car in the Blinker Marketplace through a secure ACH bank transfer that withdraws the funds from your bank account and pays the seller directly.

  • Once both the buyer and seller have completed all To-dos and authorized the transaction, both parties will complete the Final Checklist. These will be the last few steps before handing over the keys. We will provide guidance on title work, and provide an electronic Bill of Sale to be signed in the app. Once the Final Checklist is complete, the deal is done!

  • After a sale is complete, the buyer will receive an email with instructions regarding how to obtain temporary driving tags and how to register the vehicle with the DMV.

  • Yes, an electronic Bill of Sale is generated as part of the Final Checklist. This will be signed electronically in the app and will serve as the legal document signifying the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. Both parties will have access to this document at any time after the transaction in the app.