• The pre-qualification process takes just a few minutes. You will provide basic personal information and Blinker will perform a soft pull that won't affect your credit score. You will then receive your credit decision instantly! Once approved, you can shop our marketplace with your financing already secured.

  • When you finance with Blinker, you make monthly payments to Blinker. The seller always gets paid in full once the sale is complete.

  • Generally, financing is available for vehicles 10 model years old and newer with less than 120K miles. Financeable vehicles will show a monthly payment estimate alongside the seller's asking price.

  • In some instances, a down payment may be required based on credit worthiness and purchase price. With a higher down payment, you may be eligible to lower your interest rate.

  • Once you are approved for a Blinker loan, you can finance any car that displays a monthly payment option in our marketplace. If you don't see a car you like, you can shop places like Craigslist, Autotrader and LetGo, and ask the seller to list their car for sale on Blinker. Currently, you can not use your Blinker loan at a dealership.