• Refinancing may allow you to reduce your interest rate, lower your monthly payment or even receive cash back. You should always evaluate all factors such as interest rate, monthly payment and the total cost over the life of the loan when evaluating whether refinancing is right for you.

  • Yes. You can apply for refinancing with a co-applicant using the Blinker mobile app or on our website. Adding a co-applicant could add additional credit history and income to your pre-qualification, which could influence the terms of your loan approval.

  • Refinancing is available for vehicles 10 model years old and newer with less than 120K miles, and that meet our 17-point vehicle ownership and history check. A vehicle is not eligible if its history includes:

    1. Salvaged Title Brand
    2. Junked / Scrapped / Sold at auction as scrap
    3. Dismantled / Rebuilt / Reconstructed Title Brand
    4. Flood Title Brand
    5. Fire Damage
    6. Hail Damage Title Brand
    7. Manufacturer Buyback (Lemon)
    8. Insurance Total Loss
    9. Police Accident Report – Severe Damage that might not have been reported to the insurance company
    10. Crash Test Vehicle
    11. Airbag Deployment
    12. Frame Damage
    13. Reported as stolen
    14. Registered as a non-personal ownership type car
    15. Inactive Vin
    16. Multiple Registrations – multiple states within a short period of time
    17. Exported – with no subsequent import record
  • Blinker may collect a state-specific administrative fee to cover the costs associated with paying off your existing lienholder and filing your new lien.

  • Once the refinance is complete, Blinker will send the payoff through priority mail. Your lender will typically receive the check in 1–3 business days. From there, processing times may vary depending on your lender.

  • Blinker does not charge a pre-payment penalty for paying off your loan early.

  • No. When refinancing through Blinker, we are your lender and you will make monthly payments to Blinker.

  • If your vehicle qualifies and you have paid down a portion of your original balance, you may be eligible to receive cash back. The "cash back" funds are added to your loan amount and built into your monthly payment to be repaid over the term of your loan. Cash back is deposited into your bank account within 1-2 business days after completing your refinance.