• For a step-by-step guide of the selling process, check out the Seller’s Guide

    Seller's Guide
  • No. It is completely free to sell your car with Blinker.

  • Yes, absolutely. When you sell your car with Blinker, we will automatically pay off your existing loan with a portion of the funds from your sale and deposit the remaining proceeds.

  • To list your car on Blinker, it must pass our 17-point vehicle ownership and history check. A vehicle is not eligible if its history includes:

    1. Salvaged Title Brand
    2. Junked / Scrapped / Sold at auction as scrap
    3. Dismantled / Rebuilt / Reconstructed Title Brand
    4. Flood Title Brand
    5. Fire Damage
    6. Hail Damage Title Brand
    7. Manufacturer Buyback (Lemon)
    8. Insurance Total Loss
    9. Police Accident Report – Severe Damage that might not have been reported to the insurance company
    10. Crash Test Vehicle
    11. Airbag Deployment
    12. Frame Damage
    13. Reported as stolen
    14. Registered as a non-personal ownership type car
    15. Inactive Vin
    16. Multiple Registrations – multiple states within a short period of time
    17. Exported – with no subsequent import record
  • Buyers will message you directly through Blinker. You will never have to share personal information like email addresses and phone numbers. You can ask questions, set up test drives, negotiate and send offers, all through Blinker.

    To make sure that you do not miss any messages, please make sure that your account is set to allow push messages. Any email communication from Blinker about the sale of your car will come from "notifications@blinker.com". You might want to consider adding this email address into your address book to make sure you do not miss any communication from us.

  • Expect to verify your ownership.
    In order to sell your car, you must verify that you are the official owner. You will take a photo of your driver’s license and vehicle registration. You will be required to take a photo of the Title for your car, or tell us about your loan.

    Expect to talk with more than one potential buyer.
    The more potential buyers you message, the greater opportunity you’ll have for a successful transaction.

    Expect to schedule a test drive.
    Most people want to see and drive a car before they buy it. This is your opportunity to build trust with the potential buyer and get them excited about your ride.

    Expect to link your bank account and get paid electronically.
    Blinker faciliates the transfer of funds between you and the buyer via a fast, secure ACH transfer. Accordingly, you will need to link your bank account in the app. No cash or checks involved. Blinker guarantees you will get paid in full after the completion of the sale.

    Expect a great experience with Blinker.
    If at any point you are confused or worried about the process, don’t hesitate to contact the Blinker Support Team. You can chat with us from within our app, email us at help@blinkerteam.com or call us at 844.854.0805