Blinker Seller’s Guide

  1. Create a Blinker account

    Be sure to sign up with an active email address. If you don’t think you’re getting any email notifications from us, check your Spam folder or reach out to our Blinker Support Team.

  2. List your car for sale

    Just snap a photo of your vehicle or enter your plate to begin. Blinker guides you through simple steps to create your listing. When you’re finished, just tap “Post for sale.” You can always return to edit your listing later.

  3. Share your listing

    You can easily email, text or share your listing on social media. If you know someone who might be interested in your car but doesn’t have Blinker, you can send them a link to join.

  4. Complete your To-dos

    While you wait for buyers to contact you, we recommend entering your bank account info in the app. This allows you to get paid as quickly as possible when you close the sale. Adding your personal and vehicle information at this time will help, too.

  5. Message with buyers

    You will receive a push notification and email each time a potential buyer sends you a message. Be sure to respond quickly. Blinker keeps all of your personal information anonymous and secure.

  6. Meet for test drives

    Blinker advises buyers to test drive your car before they make an offer. Plan to meet potential buyers in the safe, neutral location you indicated on your listing. They may request to take your car to the mechanic for an inspection during this time.

  7. Accept an offer

    When you get an offer, you will immediately receive a push notification and email. If you don’t like the offer, message the buyer to negotiate a better deal. If you love it, accept. Then, finish any remaining To-dos.

  8. Exchange keys

    You and the buyer will have one “Final Checklist” to complete in order to transfer ownership. When you finish, tap “Exchange keys” and your car is officially sold 🎉. The funds will be deposited into your bank account in as little as one business day.