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If you can snap a photo, you can sell your car yourself.

Blinker helps you sell your car directly to another person easier, quicker and safer than ever before.

See how it works

Listing your car for sale has never been easier

To create a listing, all you have to do is snap a photo of your car, and Blinker will instantly display the estimated Black Book™ value, mileage and all of its model-specific details. That means anyone can sell their car confidently and get the money they deserve. Yes, anyone.

Blinker instantly shares your car with thousands of interested buyers

Once you’ve snapped your car, you can list it for sale on the Blinker marketplace and all of your own social networks. Plus, Blinker will automatically list your car on other major marketplaces. Think of it as fishing with dynamite.

You can sell your car yourself, even if you’re making payments.

For the first time ever, you don’t have to feel tied down by car payments. Blinker releases you from your current loan by paying off the remaining balance and completing all the paperwork when you sell through the app. It’s just another thing we do to give you back the control.

Private party is no longer a sketchy party

Blinker verifies the identity of every buyer, checks ownership records of every seller, and offers a free CARFAX Report™ for every car in the marketplace – making selling your car yourself safer than it’s ever been. Thank you, technology.

Earn some extra Benjamins,
without the extra effort.

When you sell your car yourself with Blinker, there are no fees and no middlemen taking a cut – which means you get the money you deserve. In fact, Blinker users earn on average nearly $2,500 more per sale. That’s no chump change.

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Blinker was the perfect app for me to sell my Subaru. It only took a day to sell and it conveniently connected me with several buyers in the area. The app walks you through the sales process step by step from beginning to end, ensuring a smooth transition from seller to buyer. I would definitely use Blinker again, and I encourage anyone buying or selling a vehicle to make Blinker their first choice.

Tom H.

Blinker was really helpful locating buyers. It was also a great tool in assuring my price point was accurate. I plan on using Blinker again in the near future.

Mike R.

I'd have to say that this was the best car buying experience I've ever had. No dealerships, no sales people, no haggle, no time consuming hours spent sitting around. I was able to do everything right on my phone. I'm a proud customer and will be telling everyone I know who is looking for a car to give Blinker a try.

Chris B.

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